Andrew Phillips Cliq

When you already have decade’s worth of industry-specific experience under your belt, it’s no surprise that re-inventing the way things are done comes easy. For Cliq’s Andrew Phillips, finding a way to make the financial sector a more convenient and efficient place to do business was a mission accomplished quite some time ago. As one not content with resting on his laurels, Mr. Phillips continued to advance the payment processing industry with a cutting edge electronic payroll card solution that’s appreciated by employers, workers and banking partners alike. However, the development of state of the art technology to facilitate processing through the the automated clearing house (ACH) and credit and debit networks are just some of the most recent accomplishment at the end of a long list of prior gains. To learn more about Andrew Phillips, Cardflex, boutique products and other ACH advances that have made him so successful, we encourage you to keep reading.

Mr. Phillips career began in the early 1980s as he entered a world of manual payment processing. Seeing that technology was available to move this field forward toward faster transactions, Cliq’s Andrew Phillips and a dedicated team would eventually develop a way for automated check authorization that would eventually grow to debit and credit card processing. Seeing that this tool could be applied to supermarkets — where debit card payment was and still is a major way of payment — Mr. Phillips would eventually helm a company that was one of the first in the nation to process debit and EBT transactions electroncially. Eventually, one of Phillips’ early companies, Integrated Transaction Services would become the regional leader in the field throughout New Mexico and western Texas.

It was this humble beginning — boosted by the fact that there was a recognizable need and possible solution — that would eventually lead to the convenient services offered by Cardflex, Andrew Phillips and most recently, Cliq. The pre-paid card sector pioneered by Mr. Phillips has given employers who don’t have direct deposit set up for employees a better way to offer compensation. That’s because a pre-paid debit card that’s loaded by the Cliq platform developed by Andrew Phillips is a way to eliminate paper checks while offering all of the conveniences of a typical debit card. “Whether it’s a customer’s credit card or ACH transaction or an employee waiting for payroll, or virtually any other type of electronic payment, processing happens instantly — but it doesn’t happen by itself,” Cardflex’s principal Andrew Phillips said.