Cliq’s Andrew Phillips Encouraged By Increased Security For Phone-Based Card Readers

andrew phillips cliqIf you’ve ever swiped your debit or credit card through a mobile point-of-sale (MPOS) system attached to someone’s smartphone or tablet, we’re sure you felt that the future has finally arrived. As impressive as this technology is, it’s also of great to interest to criminals looking to break into the system and make off with bank account information. This personal information is being obtained over and over again by a merchant as cards are swiped and payment transactions approved. As Andrew Phillips of Cliq has previously said, the new levels of security in the payment card industry (PCI) sector are encouraging. That’s because Mr. Phillips is not only a veteran when it comes to the industry of payment cards, he’s also an innovator who saw his technology deployed in stores across the U.S. long before such devices became commonplace.

According to a Jan. 25, 2018 article from online technology publication
The Register, there are new standards coming down the pipeline that will “advise merchants on how they can let you pay with a PIN on a mobile device without letting crims steal creds.” According to the PCI SSC, active monitoring, PIN isolation, software security and PIN protection will be paramount moving forward. Of those four main points, the fact that the PIN number and account data must be immediately located and secured is of interest to Cardflex’s Andrew Phillips. Since many of these card-reading and smartphone-compatible devices are off-the-shelf options, there’s a constant need to keep eyes on “software and integrity of the PIN entry application.” The overall effort, announced in January by the PCI Security Standards Council (SSC), is to help small businesses operate safely due to the fact that these types of readers “have become very popular with smaller merchants for their flexibility and efficiency.” All told, PCI SSC’s chief technology officer said in the press release that the above efforts “will provide these merchants with a resource for selecting PIN entry solutions that have been evaluated and tested by payment security laboratories, and their customers will benefit by having the best available protection for their payment data.”

Andrew Phillips of Cliq sees this as an encouraging update to the industry he’s seen flourish. While with Cardflex, Andrew Phillips had already seen an industry be born and transform to meet the needs of consumers everywhere. Where there was once manual processing of checks and the jotting-down of credit card numbers in the early 1980s, Mr. Phillips saw the opportunity to launch tech-based solutions. His card-reading machines would eventually be able to process debit and EBT card transactions which paved the way for smartphone readers we’ve seen in use today.

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